Drawing Con Las Mujeres #2

Hola Mujeres!

We just got word that our 4th and final Drawing Con Las Mujeres for 2018 is now sold out, we cant even believe it!!

But don’t think we forgot about posting about Drawing Con Las Mujeres #2, which took place on October 12, 2018 and featured our biggest turn out yet. With 40 mujeres in attendance the energy was definitely felt and we were so happy to be in the presence of so many amazing Mujeres across various industries throughout the Inland Empire! The theme for October’s drawing night was Fall, which showcased our limited edition coloring books featuring 10 original illustrations by co-founders Mariana Gomez and Cynthia Huerta. Gracias a todas las Mujeres por supportar y ayudar crecer a este colectivo de mujeres, entre nosotras podemos logra hasta lo imposible! Mujeres let’s continue to grow juntas and dont forget to tag us in your photos using the #inlandmujeres or #letsgrowjuntas hashtag or our Instagram handle @inlandmujeres.


Inland Mujeres

Abstract Watercolor Workshop led by Mariana Gomez

Our first workshop was a complete success, gracias to all the amazing Mujeres who were in attendance!

Heres a little recap of what went down…

For many of the women this was their first experience exploring the dreamy world of watercoloring and I think we can all agree that is was such a unique and enjoyable affair. Our workshop leader Mariana Gomez took the women through various techniques ranging from how to properly hold a watercolor brush (yes there is a specific way), gradients + blending, layering and brush pressure levels to mention a few. At the end of the workshop each Mujer created their own abstract artwork as well as goodie bag containing all the materials to continue to build and explore this creative medium at home. Once again thank you to Tio’s Tacos in downtown Riverside for providing us with such a beautiful space to connect and create art.


Inland Mujeres

Drawing Con Las Mujeres

We launched, so now what?

The next step for us was to begin growing our community of mujeres across the Inland Empire. The best way to do this was to put together a meet up called, ‘Drawing Con Las Mujeres’. We wanted to create an open space for women from the Inland empire to feel safe and free to cultivate creativity as well as connect, empower and support other like-minded women from the IE and guess what…

Y’all came through!

It was everything we envisioned, and we feel beyond grateful for all you mujeres who came out in support of what we are trying to create. It was wonderful to hear your stories about how you came across our collective and how this is something you had always wished to be a part of, but there was an absence in our inland region. This is exactly how we felt from the start of all of this, which is why we decided to push forward, so trust us when we say we understood all your words.

It brought us so much joy to meet with each and every one, because of you we are growing, because of you we created Inland Mujeres and because of you we decided to make the ‘Drawing con Las Mujeres’ a monthly occurrence.

Mil gracias to Tio’s Tacos in downtown Riverside and the whole Sanchez family for supporting our collective and for letting us host our event at your beautiful restaurant. Lastly, shout out to Sinly Lim from Milsin Studios for documenting the entire event, as well as her and Allen Morton for printing our stickers (t-shirts and totes coming soon). This is what Inland Mujeres is all about, the amazing things that can occur when we connect with other mujeres to support each others visions both creatively and professionally.

¡Lo hicimos y juntas!


Cynthia, Mariana & Jessica

Working together.

Where to even begin…

Inland Mujeres is here and there’s no sign of stoppin’ us now

Thank you to everyone who reached out to us both directly and indirectly with words of encouragement and support. We would not exist without each and every one of you. We are beyond excited to meet, grow, connect and build a community of women who are creative, resilient, outspoken, fearless and determined to create a better future for generations to come!

Mil gracias por todo el apoyo y que viva las mujeres!


Cynthia, Mariana y Jessica