Abstract Watercolor Workshop led by Mariana Gomez

Our first workshop was a complete success, gracias to all the amazing Mujeres who were in attendance!

Heres a little recap of what went down…

For many of the women this was their first experience exploring the dreamy world of watercoloring and I think we can all agree that is was such a unique and enjoyable affair. Our workshop leader Mariana Gomez took the women through various techniques ranging from how to properly hold a watercolor brush (yes there is a specific way), gradients + blending, layering and brush pressure levels to mention a few. At the end of the workshop each Mujer created their own abstract artwork as well as goodie bag containing all the materials to continue to build and explore this creative medium at home. Once again thank you to Tio’s Tacos in downtown Riverside for providing us with such a beautiful space to connect and create art.


Inland Mujeres