Drawing Con Las Mujeres #2

Hola Mujeres!

We just got word that our 4th and final Drawing Con Las Mujeres for 2018 is now sold out, we cant even believe it!!

But don’t think we forgot about posting about Drawing Con Las Mujeres #2, which took place on October 12, 2018 and featured our biggest turn out yet. With 40 mujeres in attendance the energy was definitely felt and we were so happy to be in the presence of so many amazing Mujeres across various industries throughout the Inland Empire! The theme for October’s drawing night was Fall, which showcased our limited edition coloring books featuring 10 original illustrations by co-founders Mariana Gomez and Cynthia Huerta. Gracias a todas las Mujeres por supportar y ayudar crecer a este colectivo de mujeres, entre nosotras podemos logra hasta lo imposible! Mujeres let’s continue to grow juntas and dont forget to tag us in your photos using the #inlandmujeres or #letsgrowjuntas hashtag or our Instagram handle @inlandmujeres.


Inland Mujeres